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Monisha Sarage

Premium Natural Bio Degradable Khus Vetiver Bath Scrubs

Premium Natural Bio Degradable Khus Vetiver Bath Scrubs

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Made up of Pure Natural Khus Vetiver Roots. These Scrubs are Ideal Bath Tools to relax the entire body and relieve tension. These Vetiver Scrubs are recommended by Ayurveda. Ayurveda has highly recommended the use of Vetiver Roots for its potent skin regenerating, anti-inflammatory, healing and muscle-relaxant properties.


Using the Vetiver Bath Scrub on a regular basis ensures soft and smooth skin that’s naturally radiant. 100% NATURAL - Made using Vetiver Roots this Bath Scrub is completely natural.


Vetiver's sweet, rich fragrance permeates the skin, giving it a cooling effect while helping mask body odors.


Natural Anti Septic 

These Scrubs are used as a Natural Anti Septic that helps in Skin Allergies and inflammations. The Fragrance of these Scrubs gives relaxation to the body and relieves tension.


Non Toxic 

These Scrubs are made of Natural Vetiver roots. So these are non Toxic and also these round shape design helps hands to hold properly and easy to use. Just rub in circular motion. Also these scrubs doesn't hurts the skin unlike plastic scrubbers.


Anti Fungal 

Because of these Scrubber Anti Fungal Properties, These scrubs will not fold easily. One can easily choose to stop using the bath scrubber when ever the vetiver fragrance dissipates over the time.


Very Effective in Rheumatic Patients

It is very effective for Rheumatic patients and is traditionally known to be beneficial for aches, pains and improving blood circulation



Please soak the Vetiver scrub in a mug of water for 10 - 15 minutes before the first use. Please keep the scrub in hanging position after every use to keep it dry always.

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