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About Monisha Sarage

“You're beautiful. Pamper yourself. You will feel it.” – Monisha Sarage. 

The brand Monisha Sarage empowers you to break free from routine with her homely quick and effective beauty tips. And for hundreds, solve their critical hair and skin problems too. It's worth the smile that comes from the soul. A young daring entrepreneur, Monisha is paving the way to go chemical free in a personal care regime. She digs in your kitchen and guides on how using quick hacks with such simple items as turmeric, gram flour, tomato, rice flour, fenugreek, curd and lemon can bring health and glow to your hair and skin. Monisha explains it simply – Let’s boost our body, mind and soul by making most of what we have at home first! Have a skin or hair problem? Monisha Sarage has a natural cure for it. A degree holding, trained and experienced pharmacist, Monisha specialises in cosmetics – in the time-tested tradition of natural treatments. 

List all the chemicals (including over the counter soaps and shampoo) you have been using for your body and book a 15 minute one-on-one free video consultation session with her from anywhere around the world. Or just drop in with an appointment to her Thane, Mumbai, beauty abode. She LISTENS. And explains you how a problem starts and can be fought through by using nature's bounty. 

Monisha Sarage is also the name of her brainchild - highly researched and carefully crafted range of natural products. From daily necessities like Coconut oil, Ubtan soap and Black Mark Gel and Rose Water to luxurious experiences such as Bulgarian Rose Body Wash, Milkshake Soap, Panchamrut Cream and Green Tea Body Butter... the brand has over 100 – and counting - products.


Natural Beauty is the name of her WhatsApp community of over 2,250 women. Where she can be found answering dozens of trivial and serious queries every single hour. From hairfall to nail care to candle-lit bathing, alopecia to eczema, from essential oils, healing, switch words, tea varieties, detox styles to seasonal care routine – anything and everything is enthusiastically discussed by Monisha on the platform exclusively dedicated to women.

Monisha passionately explains, skin and hair issues arise for a host of reasons - hereditary, life cycles, lifestyle, dietary or just a fallout a range of daily products being used. Magic can be worked in each life, with small and big tricks of natural cosmetic wisdom.

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