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What The Client Say

  • Monisha I used your skin set and it's really really amazing. Panchamrut facewash, cream and day serum is a perfect combo as it blends into the skin so well and completely non greasy and makes your skin fresh soft and clean

    Veena Chauhan

  •  I used the hair mask and honestly my hair has never felt so good. I have always battled with dry and frizzy hair and did keratin, smoothing etc etc. My hair is much smoother and looks so nourished. Neem comb has definitely helped in reducing the hair fall. Thanks a ton Monisha for giving us such amazing products


  • Ok, so I tried massaging my face with castor oil n leaving it for 30 mins. Additionally, I removed the oil with little oatmeal particles (left overs) and washed my face with cold  water. Face feels like velvet.😍😍😍 Thank you  Team Monisha...

    Sneha Dodhia

Trending Products

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