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Monisha Sarage

Pimple gel | For Active Acne | 50gms

Pimple gel | For Active Acne | 50gms

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Waiting for the most effective way to fix that stubborn Acne! 

Monisha's Pimple Gel!  Enriched with tea tree essential oil, our pimple gel fights acne. The goodness of lavender essential oil reduces redness and acne scarring. Cedar wood essential oil helps in eliminating acne-causing bacteria. Our Pimple Gel prevents breakouts of pimple. Just apply the gel around the pimple, in a day it will dry up. 


  Key Ingredients:


 1. Kills pimple causing bacteria 2. Prevents pimple break-out 3. It won’t leave behind pimple marks on skin Ingredients Base gel, Tea tree essential oil, Lavender essential oil & Cedar wood essential oil  How to Use Wash your face with face wash & apply the gel daily in the night on the active pimple. 


Note The gel helps to dry up the pimple. It does not work on reoccurrence of the pimple.

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