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Monisha Sarage

Anti dandruff spray| Helps itchy scalp | Reduces scalp sweating |100ml

Anti dandruff spray| Helps itchy scalp | Reduces scalp sweating |100ml

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Tea tree oil is a natural essential oil that is derived from the leaves of the tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia). It is known for its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, making it an effective ingredient in treating dandruff.

Tea tree oil hydro for dandruff is a hair care product that contains tea tree oil as its main ingredient. It is typically used as a leave-on treatment and can be applied directly to the scalp. The anti-fungal properties of tea tree oil help to combat the fungus that causes dandruff, while the anti-inflammatory properties help to soothe the scalp and reduce itching.

Key Ingredients:



Tea tree hydrosol water

How to use:

Use a tea tree spray to help a persistent itchy scalp and chronic dandruff. Whenever your scalp feels itchy and irritated, spray the tea tree hydrosol and get instant relief! If you have braids or dreadlocks, you can use this spray as the most effective treatment!

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