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Eye masque
Eye masque

Eye masque

Say Natural Good Bye To Dark Circles!! With our....... SLEEP IN BEAUTÈ EYE MASQUE 👀 Many Question that Why do you need a separate product for your eyes?...
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Say Natural Good Bye To Dark Circles!!


With our.......




Many Question that Why do you need a separate product for your eyes? Here are some reasons:-

- The skin under is very sensitive and delicate when compared to other parts of your body.

- Applying a normal moisturizer to the eye may seem sufficient but many may contain color, fragrance and harmful preservatives that can irritate your eyes

- Our eye sleep in beauty masque is specially formulated to be used in the eye area, making them safer and more beneficial.


🔸Our Eye Sleep in Beauty Masque acts as an anti-dark circle, anti-puff, skin lightening and regenerating agent. 

🔸 No color, No fragrance (no irritation to the eyes)

🔸 Strengthens eye capillaries

🔸 Maintains skin elasticity 

🔸 Soothing to eyes

🔸 Revitalizes the eyes by limiting the dark circles (within 28 days on daily use)

🔸 Can be used by anyone above 5 years

🔸 Specially designed for ones who sit on laptops, PC's, mobile phones whole day,

🔸It also cures swollen eyes


Daisy Flower extract helps in naturally exfoliating the skin & thus reducing dark spots caused due to daily environmental exposure.


Hawkweed Extract

This skin conditioning and masking agent helps to fight dark circles. It lightens and regenerates the skin; hence, reducing the appearance of dark circles.



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